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Transform Your Trading with a Click: Master Options Selling

Automate Your Trading with ALGOTEST Option Strategies

Trade index option selling on complete automation

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Instructors: Nikitaa jain


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Understand Your Potential Returns with Option Selling

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Course highlights

Full Automation

Master the skills of backtesting and automating your trading strategies without any hassle.

Expertly Crafted Strategies

Gain lifelong access to my exclusive "Banknifty" strategy along with more than 50 other option selling strategies across various indices such as Nifty, Banknifty, and Finnifty tailored for the intraday market.

Risk Management Made Simple

Unlock the key to successful trading by mastering efficient risk management techniques.

Zero Coding Required

Implement your strategies effortlessly using a user-friendly, no-code algorithmic trading platform.

Course Curriculum

Learn algotest platform 


50+ Pre- Defined Strategies

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Frequently Asked Questions

Algo trading is akin to running a business and can also be likened to long-term investing. The objective of trading (manual/algo) is to achieve realistic returns that surpass most mutual funds and grow your capital over the long term. Realistically, one can expect anywhere between a 12% to 30% yearly ROI, depending on the volatility throughout the year. Always remember – ALGO IS NOT MAGIC. Algos are simple trading strategies (like iron fly/iron condor/spreads) put into a system to automate their entries/exits & SL’s.

It is usually recommended to reinvest your profits into trading, as this will aid in scaling up and leveraging the power of compounding. If you choose to withdraw your profits, it’s advisable to do so on a six-monthly basis. This ensures that you have some substantial profits to withdraw as more market cycles pass by. However, it’s important to note that you have full control over your DEMAT, so you can choose to invest or withdraw at any moment.

All our algorithmic strategies are HEDGED OPTION SELLING STRATEGIES, starting in a NON-DIRECTIONAL manner, which means they commence from an Iron-fly or an Iron-Condor, and automatically adjust themselves as per market movements. The capital needed to deploy such strategies is 2 Lakh Per Lot, as there are multiple strategies executed on a daily basis.

Whether it’s the Stock Market or Any Other Business, if someone tells you that a certain amount of profit is guaranteed, the first thing you need to do is – Run Away From Them. A simple report by SEBI clearly states that 90% of retail option traders incur losses. The main reason for these losses is the EXPECTATION OF QUICK MONEY. The objective of ALGO Trading is to ensure that your emotional involvement is “0”, meaning there is no place for FEAR, GREED, or HOPE. In simple words, no one in this world can guarantee you any ROI, but ALGO ensures that you follow a systematic trading approach long enough to achieve consistent and realistic ROI as discussed above in FAQ 1.

No, it’s usually not favorable to miss any day of activation. WHY? Because market behavior is uncertain, and the possibility of missing out on a favorable chunk of profits always exists. Activating your backtested ALGO system is equivalent to an SIP that you choose to do for the long term with complete discipline to reap its benefits.

The answer to this can be Yes or No. As a trader, you have to understand that ALGO is not magic; it’s just a systematic set of trading rules that are automatically deployed. If market conditions favor our algo strategies, then we might actually see profits right from the first month. However, if the conditions are unfavorable, then it might even take 1 or 2 quarters. Algo trading is a long-term business, NOT A GET RICH QUICK SCHEME.

Definitely 100% YES! All our strategies have a pre-defined StopLoss. Protecting your capital is the only key to long-term profits in trading, and Algo does exactly that for you. Also, all our strategies are Intraday Hedged Option Selling Strategies, meaning you are never at risk of unlimited loss, even in a black swan event or a broker error. As far as we can say, ALGO is safer than manual trading, primarily because it involves ZERO human emotions and only operates on Hedged Risk Defined – Option Selling Strategies.

No, the returns are not guaranteed. As an informed trader, you should always stay away from people who promise guaranteed returns on your capital.


Returns from investments or trading in the stock market are not assured due to the inherent risks associated with trading. Market conditions, such as economic factors, geopolitical events, and industry-specific developments, can significantly impact trading outcomes. While historical data and analysis can provide insights, future performance remains uncertain. Therefore, investors should carefully assess their risk tolerance and allocate their trading capital accordingly to mitigate risk & potential losses.

Definitely YES!


All your funds are always held in your own broker account (IIFL Securities), and your funds are always accessible to you and only you. You can choose to start/stop/pause your ALGOs at any time.

Strategies are provided in the course in the form of Excel and also as PDF attachments. You can refer to them as guidelines and ideas to create more strategies. The logic of the trades is thoroughly discussed in the video classes. Refer to them to gain a better understanding of how to create new strategies. Please note that these strategies are provided for reference and to inspire new ideas.

Strategies will be shared with you as subscribed strategies, where you will be able to execute these strategies in your demat account. However, you will not be able to see the logic behind these strategies. To access these special strategies, you will need to open a Demat Account with us. Upon your purchase, our team will connect with you and guide you on how to proceed further. You don’t need to open an account instantly; we are happy to provide you access to these special strategies, and you can execute them live or forward test from the next day. You will have access to these strategies for only one month from the date of purchase. If you choose to continue, you can open a demat account with us and enjoy the Banknifty special strategies for a lifetime.

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